What I am working on


Felt like painting today. So this is what I am working on. After I finished the five flowers, I thought they looked bored. How silly if you consider the beautiful world that surrounds them. Reminds me of my students, living in such a rich moment in their lives, and needing so much technology because if they don't have it they'll be bored. Silly, isn't it?

Then Palma Sola, is just that. One Palm.

Finally, it's that big palm tree with it fronds cast against the big blue sky. I love looking up and seeing the blue peak through the gaps in each frond, also as they crisscross over each other,always changing as the wind blows. I love how creative God is. Ever changing in his creation. His mercies are new each morning, every moment. I'm still working on the last one, but it is pretty advanced, so I thought I would share. So that's it.
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Love the lowest one. Looking up at the palm.

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