Drive by Picture


I was going to title this Drive by Shooting, but thought that was a little controversial. Then I thought, Don't try this at Home, but then I realized this picture was taken when I was a passenger, not while I was driving (something I am ashamed to admit I have done many times). In this case I was a passenger with little time and a photographer making nervous mistakes. Almost losing the moment. The moment was at an intersection in Humacao, Puerto Rico where Walmart is at on one side and with el barrio Junquito on the other.

Junquito seems to be a community which has a lot of pride and faith. It was so refreshing to see the positive messages about its community, the island, and the world and its beauty, and about taking care of it inherently in painting the mural itself. The painting of Christ had a quote which in English means, "I am the light of the world, and he who follows me will never walk in darkness." If you click on the picture you will see it more clearly.

This eastern part of the island is just so beautiful, it just makes you want to buy a piece of land there. I guess that is why so many people have bought in that area. It's no coincidence. The ocean, the mountains, the greens, the blue sky, the beach, the palm trees. It all calls you to relax. I was so fortunate to be that side of the island.
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