After enjoying the breeze at Boca de Cangrejos, My sister called to say she, her daughter, and husband wanted us to join them for lunch at Plaza Las Americas. So we did. We walked around I'd say a sixth of Plaza, seeing a health exhibition and stopping in at the different booths, eating comida criolla, and cooling off from the smothering heat outside. Anyway, on the second floor we could have gone to an Andy Warhol exhibit, but it was going to cost us and we just weren't in the mood. So we called it a day, but not without getting our pictures taken on a curious collage, painting, mosaic (whatever it was) on the floor of some arroz con habichuelas coloradas. Everybody stood on a different part of the plate making for a real neat picture I thought. Later they had me rub the tummy of a Buddha, you know I don't believe in that, but it made for a fun picture. So that's what we did today. Silver Hair included.
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