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Beryl in Puerto Rico-- a Big Sigh of Relief

Beryl which could have caused havoc turned out to be a blessing.  It did several things that are all for our good. Instead of 87 to 88 degrees the refreshing rain and breezy weather brought a cooler temperature of 77 degrees.  Almost perfect but not quite.  We did get some lashing rain and a gust of wind, 47 miles per hour was registered at the airport which is only a stone's throw from where I live.  I had my awnings tied up since Friday to make sure I didn't have a problem over the weekend.  Today, I finally brought them down and started putting things in their place. It was a good practice.

Beryl did another good thing.  It got everyone, hopefully, on the program.  I went out and bought 6 gallons of drinking water and a whole bunch of bottled water.  In addition, I bought some more propane canisters with the hope that should a hurricane come through the aftermath will not be as scary as the previous hurricane.  Finally,  I also replenished my supply of crackers and prepared…

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