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Traveling Over Some Old Dirt Roads

Cabo Rojo is a town on the South West corner of Puerto Rico which has several beautiful beaches.  One is El Combate and the other is called Boquerón.  Cabo Rojo is the seat of the Municipal Government, but Boquerón has grown to be a respectable little town while El Combate still retains its small village charm.

We first visited el Combate and stayed at El Combate Beach Resort.  When I think of a resort I think of famous hotels with a multitude of amenities such as five star restaurants, beauty salons, spas, pools, and boats to a private beach.  El Combate Beach Resort was not that.  It was better.  Who wants to be in a place where you can easily get lost and almost everyone is a stranger?  I didn't. Well, El Combate Beach Resort may not be as big as let's say, El Conquistador Hotel with its extensive acreage, yet it does have a beautiful pool, a cute path that leads to El Combate Beach which was tranquil, lovely, and almost private.  This boutique hotel was spotless yet modes…

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