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A Year After Maria

It has been a year.  A strange one for me for many reasons.  It was a slow year.  It was a fast year.  A strange year marked by life changing events that were forecast but never fully imagined.  Other changes were life following its course.  Nevertheless, the result was a year of forced change.

My mother passed away last year.  I was there for her last years, thank goodness.  A chapter closed for me and my family.  She was my main purpose in being in Puerto Rico so I was wondering what was next.  Then came Hurricane Maria on September 19, 2017.

It always bothers me that they say, September 20, when we all know that those terrible winds started battering the island already on the evening of the 19th.  The resulting wave of destruction prompted decisions, survival, reinvention, and reconstruction.   Like many other people dramatic decisions lay ahead.  Many lost their jobs in an instant since their work places were destroyed and their homes as well.  Life was disrupted in ways which se…

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