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More Christmas Lights Adventures

Christmas Lights

Much a do about Nothing, well about something...

Fall Colors from an automobile!

Rolling Hills

Reds, Greens, Yellows together

Peek a Boo Oranges

Flaming Reds

Brilliant Yellows

The Wedding Party

Picture taking time!

Danny, Lynda, and Lydia

Mr. Mairn

Burke sharing his thoughts

Burke and Ruth-Anne

Rutledge and Jen

Georgia on my mind...

Lobby at Ft. Wilderness Lodge

The Fireplace

Goofy Totem Pole

Ft. Wilderness Lodge

A Night at Capone's Dinner Theatre

Learning to Read bills and other Blessings

Hurricane Wilma

Here's Annie now

A little older now


A cheerleader for Cupey Maria Montessori

Learning to walk

All together now

My favorite picture

At Boqueron