More Christmas Lights Adventures

Add to the previous blog, the fact that this time I got to go see the Holland Michigan Lights again with my dear friend and family, Lil Koning and her husband Phil. Phil's secretary lives on a street where everyone goes all out for Christmas, and this time the neighbors out did themselves. It is always a lot of fun to go see these lights with the Konings. To the beauty of the lights, I also got to see beautiful snow falling everywhere and to enjoy seeing Rosita and Kendall. We got to play mancala and monopoly, and was there competition! When I get back to Florida I will post the fun pictures of everyone playing.

I flew into Calgary Alberta Canada on Tuesday the 20th and didn't get into Brooks until one o'clock at night, though it felt like 3 o'clock Florida time. Ana-Elba, my daughter drove the whole way and I only started falling asleep when we were 16 kilometers out of Brooks. I held out, but I really had to struggle. The next morning I saw my two granddaughters who were very glad to see Grandma. Some of the best times here have included making cookies today, going to the candlelight service on Christmas Eve, followed by opening gifts, and enjoying the glee of the two girls as they opened each present. Then on the 25th in the evening, after a delicious turkey dinner, we went out to see the lights. Chris my son in law, had both girls looking out of their side of the car and referred to the lights according to whose side they were. So naturally they kept track and there were so many of them. You mostly could hear Zanneke mentioning the colors, "mine blue, or mine green(stretching out each word), that my side", while Arwen mostly enjoyed the sights or both laughed with the sight of a Santa on the roof, going down a chimney, or deer, or glittering sparkling snowflakes, or a huge inflated polar bear with a blue cap on or a small santa next to a large one, even a snow bowl full of snowmen. The fun was in the journey. Even the most beautiful lights could not compare to the joy of seeing them enjoy so many people celebrating Christmas. Last night's Christmas lights are one more for my list. Christmas lights with the Arwen and Zanneke, "mine blue, mine green, that my side!"


Lilli Ann said…
Hi Elba,
It was good to read your comments on your latest Canadian adventures. Thank you for your kind notes about your time in Michigan. I'm glad you got to be here in the snow time, tho it was really cold. Just lately the temp's been warmer in the 30s and the snow is nearly gone with lots of rain just lately. Not to worry-- there's more where that came from! So you saw Michigan in its snowy best!
Love, Lil

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