Hurricane Wilma

Frankly in Orlando, Wilma was a lot of wind, pelting rain, and frightening tornadoes. Fortunately, none of these tornadoes hit my neighborhood, but they were south, west and east of here. Unfortunately, a lot of homes got flooded, but again south or east of where I live, so I am counting my blessings. I had electricity, water, and internet service during the storm, but yesterday afternoon after it was all over, my internet service went down and with it my new Vonage telephone service, so I was somewhat incomunicado. I got the service back an hour ago so welcome back world! Got to run, its almost midnight! Oh with the hurricane, we got a cold blast from the north and it is a chilly 45 degrees outside. Can you believe it?


Did you get the Phone working too?
Elba said…
Yes I got the phone service back. I realized I had phone service when abuela called.

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