Old San Juan Topped with Dinner at Bebo's Cafe

Recently, I had some friends in town visiting me from South Carolina. Having been here before there were interested in seeing more than San Juan.  Although, Old San Juan was on their list, some things you have to do more than once in your lifetime. This was our experience in Old San Juan.

Well, we did Old San Juan on a happy Thursday afternoon after the Fiestas de San Sebastian were over. We had tried at the beginning of the Fiestas but parking was next to impossible and we wanted to do it together.   This time,  I actually dropped my friends off at la Calle De Cristo near La Iglesia San Jose.  I had a meeting that I needed to attend, and they went exploring.  According to their wonderful pictures and stories, they had a great time.  They visited the Museum of Las Americas which was very colorful and replete with samples of the cultures of the Americas.  Later they walked down Calle del Cristo and stopped for some well deserved refreshments, stood under some colorful umbrellas, and strolled down to the Parque de las Palomas and La Capilla del Cristo.  After my meeting I caught up with them and walked up and down a couple of streets with them, peeking into the stores.  I bought two fans in la Farmacia Luma and then went a couple of stores down to see if we could find a place to eat an early dinner.  Unfortunately, to my surprise and dismay, La Bombonera and La Mallorca were closed for dinner.  Plan A was out! 

So, we left Old San Juan and drove back to Isla Verde while thinking we could go to a local restaurant off Isla Verde Avenue, next to la Calle Tartak but the service was very slow that night. It was so slow we saw a couple storm o ut, and as I glanced to the side, there was another angry customer about to do the same.  That was my cue and we left.   As I drove on La Avenida Isla Verde, I was in a jam.  Where could we go to eat delicious local food that would give us variety and be affordable?  While driving past Los Gorditos, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Pizza City,  I was hoping Pollo Tropical would not be the only option since we had eaten there in Mayagüez.  The food was delicious but that too, was a chain.  I wanted something local. It was then I remembered one of my favorite places-- Bebo's Cafe on la Calle Loiza! 

Contrary, to the first restaurant, we were instantly greeted and seated.  Then we were offered drinks and menus.  The waiter quickly took our order.  We had a great experience and at the end my friends who were celebrating their 70th birthday were treated to a thunderous Spanish version of Happy Birthday greetings as we watched them blow out a candle on their coconut flan which was delicious.  They ordered three more to go! I was one of the happy recipients!

So if you are in town, this plan might work for you!  Bebo's Cafe   


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