A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to Old San Juan

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So here we were on our way to Old San Juan via the bank. I had to pay Cuchi for her caretaking duties and was going to pass by the mini bank. If you know La Avenida Isla Verde you have to head to Pine Grove and the Ritz Carlton in order to turn around and get on the other side of the street where the RG Bank is at. So that was what I was doing, when I said, "what the heck, a couple of minutes of a side trip up to Boca de Cangregos (literally means Mouth of Crabs)where we can see the ocean, aquamarine, etc, will not put us too out of our way." Then Cuchi said she would treat us to lunch, but mom and I had just had a late breakfast, but I knew she was hungry. So I said I knew a place with good food(Donde Olga) but I wanted to show her a real pretty spot she could later bring her husband and kids. So we went by The Reef, though we actually didn't stop there. Instead we stopped at the board walk; she bought her "pollo al pincho" (chicken sheskebob) and I pulled out my chairs from the trunk and we sat down to see the ocean. We never got to Donde Olga. We had pina coladas, Cuchi's treat, and I took plenty of pictures and we just enjoyed the cool breeze and the beautiful scenery for over an hour! Never making it to Old San Juan, caramba! Manana sera otro dia. (Tomorrow's another day.) Then Doris called. See next entry.


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