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It's a hydrangea. And though we do have them here in Puerto Rico, I haven't seen any lately. I just felt like painting one and looked one up online. Carol Cooper told us to paint with exhuberant colors. It may not look that way in the picture but in reality there are some contrasts that just don't pick up with my camera for some reason. In fact I started noticing that lately that my paintings are a bit brighter than they show with my camera. I've refrained from using the flash on them because they pale and if I scan them the same thing seems to happen. So imagine them to be a shade deeper and richer than they show. Any suggestions?
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I often have that with photos of sunsets. It may not necessarily be the image capture device (camera or scanner) that is the problem, but the monitor you are viewing the image on. Most monitors are not equipped to display the variety and intensity of colors that one can capture, though often it is possible to tweak them to display an approximation.

Some photo manipulation programs employ "color profiles" that help with this, and some monitor driver software use them too. It's a bit of a pain to get it just right, though, I probably wouldn't bother.
Elba said…
Wow I never thought of that, but for some reason I find some of my pictures come out crystal clear, like that ones I took of Maunabo, but my paintings are a lot more vivid and they don't. Umm. I always appreciate your input.

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