The Road to Utuado

My sister, mom, and I decided to go to Arecibo today. Once, there we went to eat at the familiar restaurant which serves the most reasonable yet delicious seafood in town, Picholo's which is real close to the Arecibo Lighthouse. Anyway, after the great lunch we were headed back to San Juan via Naranjito, but being who we are, we changed our minds and instead decided to go to Utuado. What a great idea! We went up the mountains using State Road 10 which is a very comfortable and safe highway to the center of the island. The views were spectacular, as we crossed through El Bosque Rio Abajo with its lush vegetation on both sides and as the road sliced through karst mountains. Bello. We went through the lovely town of Utuado and then down to see El Lago Dos Bocas (Lake Two Mouths). Just gorgeous. It was so much worth the ride. It brings a smile to my face just to remember it. I took a movie of part of it and I will try to embed it on the website later.
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Ana said…
I love that road through the hills to Utuado.

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