Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This is what I saw when I was driving on Route 53 near Naguabo, Puerto Rico: this stunning double rainbow.  It was breathtakingly beautiful. Blessed!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More Fall Foliage

I never tire of these colors.   So I collected some leaves as you see below and many more.  I decided to take them home with me so I found some discarded store shoppers and a magazine and am using them to dry my leaves.  Later I am going to use some modge podge to preserve them.  Unfortunately some of the golden ones are turning brown already but there are some that are drying well.  Some of the leaves are so interesting with spots of black which I am afraid might be fungi.  I don't know.  In any case, they are surrounded by greens and reds.  I am loving the beauty in these leaves.  I had to remember that they were dead leaves and not to forget to enjoy the ones still on the trees.  So thankful I got to see the change in colors this year.  It was grand.

Fall Foliage in Penfield NY

Loved seeing the fall colors that were still visible in the Penfield,  New York area just a couple of days ago.  Oranges. Reds. Yellows.  Greens. And boring browns, that together formed a painter's palette that was unbeatable. Boring browns sounded nice but with the other contrasting colors, browns were stunning and boring no more. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Celebrating Veterans Day in Rochester

I was at Rochester Christian School for a student assembly to commemorate Veterans Day and it was impressive.   Veterans from the community were invited and honored with patriotic music played by the school band and sung by all.  Later  an active duty National Guardsman shared his experience in Afghanistan and what it cost him and his family.  In fact he lost two friends there whose memory he still tries to preserve.  At the close of the event all the other veterans were able to share a bit of their life experience as well.   As the children left they shook each of the veteran's hands and thanked each one for their service.  Adults did as well.  It was very touching.   I remembered my dad and two brothers.  So proud of them.

Happy Veteran's Day!! Never forget!

Saturday, November 08, 2014


My daughter says this would make a pretty post card.

Beautiful Fall in Penfield NY

The weather is in the forties and leaves are still on the trees though many have fallen and been collected.   Often you see them on the side of the road in piles you want to jump on back first like a soft dusty mattress and you remember.    Then there are those trees that look like someone is gently shaking a golden sheet with small golden coins.  Or the leaves scurrying across the street while a V line of geese fly south.  I saw it all yesterday.  All with multilayers of gray up above. And I sighed.  Beauty.

Friday, November 07, 2014

My Latest Collection

My latest collection of fall leaves.  Happy I got them!   Notice they are wet---that is how it has been in the Rochester area these past days.  My favorite clothes item this trip?  My rain coat. 

Glad to be here though.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crusty Rooster

This afternoon, I snapped a picture of this vociferous Alpha rooster that makes all that wonderful ruckus every morning and caught him struting his stuff when I came back from a trip to Humacao.  It ran away too fast to get a close up.  Even from a distance you can see what a handsome rooster he is.

Better Paved Road or My Ride to Yabucoa Taking the Northern Route

Though I love driving through Caguas and seeing the sleeping princess, it is often a nightmare to take that road to Maunabo, especially at night.  So, I thought I would try route 66, the toll road, to Fajardo and then a piece of Route 3 to Fajardo which merges into Route 53 all the way to Yabucoa and route 901 el barrio Emajagua taking road 7760 (I think is the number) to Villas del Faro.  The highway is a breeze and it only takes ten more minutes with good driving time.  When there is "rush hour" traffic (such a misnomer) on route 52 to Caguas, we are talking about an hour difference in our favor.  

I left Isla Verde area at four thirty and naturally got some traffic on La Baldorioty till I reached route 66 and the rest was a breeze.  I had mountains on my right and an open road before me till I reached the exit to the road near Rio Grande.  On the way, on this elevated road in the hills,  you see the Atlantic Ocean below on the north skirting the island and lovely green hills placidly taking in the sunshine towards the south.  Later, once off of 66 and on Route 3 you see the colorful hammock and tourist shops as you get closer to El Yunque and El Palmer turn off.   After that it is a stone's throw to Luquillo and the typical seashore fritters at the Kiosks next to Luquillo Beach.  Stay on route 3 towards Fajardo. Beautiful views of the ocean and a typical island town is yours when you reach Fajardo.  

Fajardo is also home to the ferry or "lancha" that will take you to the pristine beaches of Vieques and Culebra with its famous, Flamingo Beach. Flamingo Beach There are several motels to choose from including Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa http://www.resortflamingobeach.com/   Check out this link to Vieques: http://vieques.com/island-puerto-rico-beaches/ The ferry will take you to Vieques or Culebra for a mere eight dollars round trip.  Don't be mistaken by the prices you see online.  I went and it is more expensive but still a gift a mere four dollars each way.  They are talking about raising the ticket to 10 dollars, so if you want to pay less, go soon. To check out availability go to http://www.culebra-island.com/CulebraIsland/Transportation/Ferry_Schedule.htm

As you leave Fajardo, Route 3 merges into Route 53, which is a decently paved highway which goes around the eastern side of the island starting with Ceiba with Roosevelt Roads (nicknamed Rosey Roads), Naguabo, Punta Santiago, and Humacao.   You can see numerous modern windmills slicing through the air which are pretty impressive.  I counted at least six.   You can also get off of Route 53 to access these towns and travel the seashore on a very scenic ride.  I did it several times with my mother on our Silver Hair adventures when there was no alternate route and I am so glad I did.  I don't want to fail to mention, that towards the west or the interior of the island we are basically on the backside of El Yunque Rainforest which in itself is a monument of nature.  It is breathtaking to look at. Driving and contemplating is not a good mix so stop, look, and snap your pictures.  The stops are worth it.  When I get a more reliable car I plan to go up the mountain and see where all these roads lead.  

Keep driving towards Humacao, and "laugh at the colored fishes," as we say in Spanish.  Nos reimos de los peces de colores, meaning we are on top of our game.  We have really dodged a bullet when it comes to traffic.  Another 11 miles and we will get to Yabucoa, and start our drive up Route 901 and the rest is history.  I made it to Maunabo before sunset, and that my friend, was good news.  And now to enjoy the breeze, the ocean, relaxing, and some painting.  

Happy trails to you!  If you have any questions, let me know.

That Elusive Butterfly

Yes, that elusive butterfly stood still for me.  Do you see the soft gray guilding its wings?

White Butterflies Everywhere

What a beautiful world where you can stop for a moment and have dozens of butterflies flutter here and there as they migrate past you on their way to some mysterious place! Perhaps to the mangroves or are they going beyond to the Azores, Morroco, or the heart of Africa?

¡Que mundo mas hermoso donde uno se puede detener por un momento y ver cientos de mariposas pasar le en la brisa en su camino a un lugar misterioso y desconocido!  ¿Sera acaso el manglar o sera mas alla hasta las Islas Canarias, Morroco, o en el corazon de Africa?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Here's That Flamboyan

Here's that flamboyan as you to take the  road that leads to the tunnel.