Whatcha talking about?

Have you ever wondered what a new word means? You're not sure what some one just said and you are too embarrassed to ask? I'm not talking about words that can be easily looked up in a dictionary. I'm talking about words hot off the lips of a tween, teen, or a geek*. Of course there are context clues, but sometimes people don't give you much to go on and just the newness of a colloquial term takes you off guard.

Well, that happened to me today as I was reading a newspaper article and I wondered how they could use the word but here is the quote. "He didn't take off any fingers. I was pretty stoked (my own emphasis)about that." How could someone feel good about anything when he got two dozen stitches? I was confused. I wanted to think it was a positive remark but how could it?

So I googled the word stoked, and to my surprise it said:

"stoked" - adjective - to be "stoked" is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something.

So it was a positive comment.

There is a place on the web for words like these. It's called Urban Dictionary and you would be surprised how many different words are in it. Now a small caveat. This is an Urbandictionary, not a sanctioned and censured Merriam Webster Dictionary. This is a constantly and freshly evolving dictionary right there where people are talking. It can be blunt, harsh, and fresh. So for those with weak stomachs, tread carefully, and use only as needed. However, if you want to understand the latest jargon, the Urban Dictionary is the place.

For Geek Speak however you may go to the Geek Speak where you can find the latest on computer jargon.


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