Hurricane Earl

Of course, when there is the potential of a hurricane striking, it isn't a laughing matter. Obviously before it does, nerves rattle and eyes are watchful for the storm's trajectory. Fortunately, most people in the eastern Caribbean are breathing a sigh of relief since it seems Earl will take a more northwest path, which will minimize its effect in Puerto Rico. However, Puerto Rico is certainly not the only place that will be affected. The northern Leeward Islands will actually receive hurricane force winds and 3 to 5 inches of rain. You may see the latest advisory for your area here. I hope everyone will be safe and come out well after this hurricane passes.

To break some of the tension my niece, who is an excellent writer, had plenty of puns related to Earl that she posted on Facebook, and I couldn't resist quoting here.
"ClEARLy...we don't want EARL to arrive EARLy. Still, Puerto Ricans are fEARLess, so we're going out in masses, so we're not caught gEARLess... and it isn't moving... "linEARLy." All of which made me laugh.

If on a more serious note you want to have the latest and hopefully most accurate information on the tropics, go to NOAA weather service and see the latest update for yourself.


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