Been Thinking

I visited the North Carolina official website and discovered a beautiful picture display of the state. There was a battle between the pictures and the quotes for which would garner more attention. So two quotes and one picture did it for me.

Written on a hopscotch game that extends as far as the eye can see on a sandy beach was the quote "some of your best excuses to be a child come after you've already had one." Now isn't that true? Have you ever had a child in your life? You can't communicate with a little one without contracting childhoodness. (The spell check just went crazy.) I don't think the word exists, but the idea is that you hold a child in your arms and immediately you are smittened with tenderness, sweetness, and joy which are all part of being a child. Then you want to play with them as soon as they grow up a little bit. It is a beautiful process, isn't it? Another reason to love children!

"Wisdom is realizing that catching up is more important than keeping up
." I suppose this quote it aimed at all those who are running the rat race. It is meant to make us think about the importance of relationships. Ironically, you have to stop and slow down to actually catch up. You need to listen and value others, and get on the same page when it comes to relationships. The picture that went along with this quote shows a couple standing still in the midst of movement rushing all around them. It is really nicely done.

You know how they say, a picture can tell you more than a thousand words. There is a picture of a kid outstretched on a huge elongated live oak tree branch. The tree is not alone but surrounded by a multitude of live oak branches. The impression is that he is floating in an ocean of branches. What could be more peaceful?

Whoever designed this website is a genius. There were quotes about dreams taking off, waters that are as therapeutic today as they were centuries ago to just mention a few more. The thoughts and pictures are peaceful, honest, and wise. Perhaps those are the feelings they want people to have when they visit North Carolina? If they are, they did a great job!


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