When you have a very public blog


When you have a very public blog, strange things happen once in a while. Well, at least I find them strange. Like the popularity of my blog for one brief moment when Joseph Acaba got named to STS-119 and hundreds came to my blog. Then other times, people were researching a friend and found their wedding pictures on my blog or a Military branch which shall remain nameless was googling a soldier for promotion and he was pictured with my son at a Citadel ceremony. The latter's name was promptly removed since he was involved in covert operations. Then recently I was noticing that some archival pictures were frequently looked up. I wondered: What cha looking at? So I checked. It wasn't me or my lovely daughters, nor my granddaughters or nieces. No it was my precious Momma, Mami, who I often call Mamita. My silver hair companion of our famous Silver Hair Adventures. They like her picture eating alcapurrias de jueyes en Pinones, sitting on a bench in El Yunque or reaching the top of the tower and taking in the view with delight and awe.

So how is Mami doing these days? Well, she is getting better from her fall. She fell two weeks ago, after losing her balance upon standing up. She didn't break her hip, but she did break her femur. We had some very sad days. Four of them were extremely taxing for her as she was disoriented and couldn't sleep and talked practically non stop. There were complications of various sorts, but thank God she is slowly recuperating. I had to return to Orlando but I have been fortunate to talk to her on the phone and she was quite happy to hear me. I love my mom very very much, but I know that she is now 88 and every day I can talk to her is a gift. Thank you Lord for giving me such a precious mother who has loved us as well as she could.

Here are two more pictures for her admirers. The first is at EL Faro Punta Tuna in Maunabo, and the second is with Victor, my niece's husband. My niece says that she shares her husband with Mami who just loves him dearly. Isn't that sweet?
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vuejardin said…
Hope you mom has a smooth recovery. God blessed, and Happy Easter!
Elba said…
Thank you VueJardin! By the way, I love your blog. Lovely.

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