Puerto Rico in a Cloud 2

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I was talking to a friend about not really knowing exactly what I should do. Should I do this or should I do that? The next thing I knew was that I looked up at this beautiful cloud that was guilded with gold on the edges and then to my utter surprise I recognized this very familiar shape. It was Puerto Rico!! This picture has not been retouched. This is almost exactly how I saw it. I had to take several shot before I got this one. Unfortunately the cloud had changed slightly by then but it does look a lot like PR, doesn't it?
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I deleted my original entry and did not want to delete the original comment, so here it is.

This was Ana's comment:
Blogger Ana said...

A slightly shark-like PR, or PR that is smiling.

Very cool. There is a website collect maps that appear in nature.

I'll see about sending you the link.



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