Spontaneous Performance at Train Station

Sound of Music at the Antwerp Train Station:

Fantastic video. I just checked out the video and found others on youtube that explain that what looks like spontaneous art in reality a well thought out performance. In fact, they called it a stunt which took four weeks of training 200 dancers, placing cameras, transporting and feeding the dancers, and lots of precision! All of it to bring the arts full of energy to the people. What fun!

It didn't hurt that that is one of my favorite songs in The Sound of Music. The energy, laughter, and beauty was still there sans the beautiful trellises. You can't have everything, but I will take all of the above.


Lil said…
That is sooooo cool ! What fun-- and what a wonderful treat. Kind of gets your Trust back in the human spirit, yes? :) Thank you for sharing!

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