A Birthday Tradition


This is how my day began. I grabbed my laptop while still in my pajamas to send my daughter Rosita an ecard, then a text message, and finally a birthday greeting on Facebook, but can you believe I had not done the most important yet! So I got dressed, fiddled with my clothes, made breakfast which consisted of two slices of whole wheat toast and a hot tea, yet I had not yet done the most important. I got in my car, no I actually first opened, then backed out my car and then closed the garage door manually and drove 23 miles to Landstar Blvd. and still I hadn't done the most important. After getting on Orange Avenue I just couldn't wait any longer and I dialed Rosita's number and this is the dialogue that ensued. After about 8 rings, her voice came on the line, "Hello, this is Rosie," in her melodic voice. The voice I so enjoy to hear, part matter of fact and part whole heart. Then I began my birthday tradition, no hellos, no como estas, but "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, Rooooooooooosssiiiiittttaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, happy birthday to you!, feliz feliz en tu dia... since I couldn't hear a breath on the other side I stopped. Are you there? "
And a little bit of laughter... "guess where I am?"
"About to drive in to have my birthday breakfast"
"Oh, where?"
"Burger King, and now the rest of the day can proceed"
As if to say, it would not have been her birthday, if I hadn't sung her that song. You want to know what, it definitely wouldn't.

There are three people in this world that I have been intrincsically knitted to, and she is one of them. The other two know who they are.

Love you Rosita, loved you for thirty years and will always love you.

Te quiero mucho,

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