A Journey

I wrote a couple of entries on Joseph Acaba that are really popular, and people come to read, but now I am on another topic. I'm thinking about I-95 and everything I see on a road trip. The Journey is often the most transcendental part of the trip: the reflective time. Good music, long telephone calls, and prayer.

Good music, definitely is important, as an encouragement and relaxer. Most of what I will be taking and listening to will be Paul Wilbur. What amazing praise music, with Shofar and all. Another thing I might take could be my recorded Soup for the Gardener's Soul with its beautiful stories. There is one there that always makes me cry. Crying is not bad sometimes.

Then the really long phone calls, sometimes to keep me awake and other times just to be accompanied in those long stretches in Georgia where you mostly see 18 wheelers, pickup trucks, big red and yellow plastic cans filled with sand along road construction. I really need to get a phone charger for the car so I can have those long phone calls. Before I head out there I can just see myself stopping to purchase one because, well it's important.

Then there's the prayer. Lots of talking to God. Sometimes we just need the time away from tons of distractions, when it's just you and God, going around those razor sharp curves in Jacksonville, or that long route 17 between Yemassee and the crossroad to Walterboro, or those last miles from Ravenel to James Island, when I am definitely pooped. So, I am off on a three day adventure and all my friends and family, please keep me in your prayers for traveling mercies. I know I will need them.

Now if only I could just find the time and space to be able to sit by the Wappoo and watch the tide come in while I enjoy the marshes up close. That would be grand.


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