Today I discovered a beautiful amarylis was in bloom and that these had propagated from one bulb to five in two years. I transplanted three to the more favorable part of my planting bed, and then planted some african irises that you can see lying down on the back porch. I also found that some geranium seeds had prospered and was dusted off. In a little bit I will finish planting the impatiens (miramelindas) next to the african irises. I can wait for all of these to take off.

The plants that are in planters are varied. They include daisies, sunflowers, cantelopes, squash, cucumber, tomatoes, and colorful peppers. I always think that planting seeds is an expression of hope. Hope that they will take, hope that they will grow strong, and hope that they will bring forth beautiful fruits and vegetables. And hope that they can be share and also cut down on grocery bills. Almost like money growing on trees. They say it doesn't but it does, really it does.
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