Que Susto!

Yesterday, I was heading to Venus Gardens with mom and had just crossed the Teodoro Moscoso bridge when I spotted a newsboy. He was weaving between the cars that were stopped at the light heading towards Trujillo Alto. Well, when I called him over, he came right away and sold me El Vocero.

El Vocero is alright but the one I really wanted was El Nuevo Dia. Nothing against El Vocero. El Vocero just isn't the one I usually read. The papers I buy when I am in San Juan are either El Nuevo Dia or The San Juan Star .

The San Juan Star will be the topic of another article. That is one newspaper I would hate to see disappear because the owner has not had the insight or vision to modernize. He needs to put it online. There is no doubt that it would be very lucrative to have the Star online. Why hasn't he done it? Darn. I would be the first one to subscribe, I can assure you.

Anyway, the newsboy, who really was a young man, came over, and I bought the paper and asked if he had El Nuevo Dia, to which he said "yes," and that he would run and get it, across the street. I thought okay, I'll pull over and wait for him to get the newspaper, no problem. To my amazement, he decided to cross the road, made of four lanes of heavy speeding traffic right there and then, while the traffic was heading towards Carolina and the bridge from which I just came. Ay bendito, sea Dios! What had I done?! Was I sending this man to his death? From my perspective, every second was a thousand deaths since I could only picture him being hit by a car and being thrown over onto my car. On the other hand, it all happened so fast that I didn't even have time to cover my eyes like I usually do when I am seeing a scary movie. (A remnant of the tortures I had to endure when a little girl sent to the Saturday afternoon matinée which often included a vampire movie.)

Anyway, there was nothing I could do but pray. Dios mio, don't let that man get killed, por favor. After a few tense seconds and close calls he made it to the other side. GAD. (GAD:Gracias a Dios, thank God)

When the light changed I had to move to the right lane, quite a feat in itself so I could get the paper. I wasn't going to drive off after he had gone through that death defying feat. No way! I know I shouldn't have rewarded or encouraged him but I gave him a tip. He left with a big smile. Next time, I will only buy the paper he has in hand. Que susto!


Ana said…
Ay Mami! I know excatcly what kind of suffering you were going thru. yikes.

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