El Auxilio Mutuo Celebrates

This is a Silver Hair Adventure of the ordinary kind. It was a doctor's visit, which turned into a picture taking activity. This is the hospital where I had my three babies. The hospital where Don Jose Canino Castro, my children's grandfather, was a founding member. He was so proud. When Juan Daniel, my son, was born it was celebrating its 100th anniversary, and he got a special little T shirt (I still have it.)commemorating the event. Now they are celebrating 125 years.

This achievement is intimately interwoven with the history of Puerto Rico and La Madre Patria, Spain. The founding organization of the hospital is called La Sociedad Espanola or the Spanish Society. If you look closely at the last picture, you will see some mosaics way in the background which look like a swirl but later become the symbol of the hospital which includes the colors of the Spanish and Puerto Rican flags. It's almost poetical. I loved its simplicity and complexitiy.

One of the most beautiful and concrete reminders of this 125 year union are the majestic centennial trees that are scattered on the property. If these trees could talk what stories would they tell of babies coming into this world, of life saving experiences, of healings, kindnesses by the hermanitas that serve there, the farewells, and deliverances. What a beautiful place full of grace. I hope those trees which have witnessed so much as well as the four walls surrounding each building last many many more years serving Puerto Rico with the love of God.


Ana said…
I couldn't see the pictures. Did you upload them to Flickr too?
Anonymous said…
I couldn't see the pictures either!
Curious Lil
Elba said…
I had to click on the top box twice, and the image finally came out. You can also go to flickr at the following url: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hues/2633084551/in/photostream/

Just copy and paste and it will take you to my pictures.

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