El Yunque Jaunt


Recently, I went with Motley Crew 2, Victor, Carmen, and Mami to El Yunque. Thanks to the fact that Victor had a done a presentation at the Rain Forest for the Astronomy Society here in PR, we were able to get into El Portal gratis. We were there for an official visit, since Victor was making arrangements for a future night time event involving the Astronomy Society. It is not my prerogative to disclose any further information so we will leave it at that.

Two curious things were observed. First a beautiful bug followed me for a few minutes. I guess it was checking out my perfume, but it was a glistening multicolored (turquoise, sap green and lime) fly. If you look closely at the picture, it appears to be reading the sign to watch out for a slippery floor. The second curiosity was graffiti of the oddest kind. Graffiti on leaves. The truth I have taken an interest in graffiti, because many times it involves a love message. So I took several pictures of which you will see only one.

Later, we drove through the park and stopped to smell the flowers. You will not be disappointed if you smell the flowers pictured here. The fragrance is divine.
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