The Abandoned Keys Saga

I lost my keys.  I went to the Holy Land, and left my keys with my favorite purse in the hotel I was staying at in Jerusalem! Have you ever lost some keys?  Places, doors, gates, and mail boxes which instantly open to you are suddenly out of your reach.  I can't believe how my life has been turned upside down because I don't have these keys, and suddenly, I have been thrust into depending on others, which is not bad in and of itself but also unusual for an independent person as myself. I also found myself having to spend more money than I had anticipated. Not a fun thing especially after such an expensive trip.

The part of depending on others is a bit bothersome for me because I don't like inconveniencing anyone but it has been an opportunity.  I am so thankful that I have such kind people in my life.  Yesterday, I wanted to take my car early to the car dealership to have a new key made and to my surprise after waiting over two hours for the tow truck, when it arrived he could not hook up my car! By then I had to get to a meeting and postpone the towing till the next day and head out to a meeting.  Fortunately a friend gave me a lift home.  Then today, I realized I would have to first buy a blank key at an auto parts store before I could go to the dealership to have the blank keyed. So a friend took me then brought me home.  When we got home. still without my mailbox key,  I saw that the mailman was about to leave my apartment complex.  I stopped him and he was so kind as to retrieve my mail!  I had so much mail, it was overflowing! So I got two blessings in one.

Next, I called AAA and they came immediately this time and hitched my car and I was so excited that I was going to be able to fix my car problem.  The only problem was that they don't have a guy all day keying keys.  They didn't tell me that when I called.  Now I have to go to the dealership tomorrow.  Can you believe it will cost me almost two hundred dollars to get a new key made! Can you believe that?

Fortunately, after about a week, I found a spare set of keys, which helped a lot.  Unfortunately, I had already spent the one hundred dollars for the spare key.  I learned so many lessons.  First, have a place for your spare keys.  Don't just put them in a drawer just before leaving on a trip.  Keep them in a regular place.  Also don't take your favorite purse on a trip, especially if it is half around the world away.  Finally, move on.  Life isn't perfect.  Learn  something and let it go.


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