Statistics and Joseph Acaba

I've had my blog for several years and several years back, I wrote a series of articles on Joseph Acaba and the fact that he loved Puerto Rico.  A son of Puerto Ricans who moved to the US mainland and had Joseph there, he never forgot his Puerto Rican roots. My niece, Michelle Kantrow,  a newspaper reporter and an Astronomy aficionado herself was the first who got me interested in Mr. Acaba.  Being a teacher to ESL students in Florida, I also was thrilled to offer them a positive role model in Mr. Acaba.  What I quickly realized was that most of the information on Joe Acaba was found only in English, so students had to search far and wide to find anything in Spanish, so wrote an article in Spanish.  En español!  What is ironic is that I am an English teacher but the article with most views is the one I wrote in Spanish.  It has had 4,245 views to date.  Two others have had 814 and 801 followed by one with 403 and 267.

So maybe I should write in Spanish?  Maybe I will go and rewrite those is Spanish as well.  I think there is a need. You think?


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