Gold Medals are not all the Same

Recently, I wrote an article on Monica Puig because she did a fabulous job of earning a very difficult gold medal at the Rio Olympics.  Considering how she fought for that medal by having to duke it out in various matches with the best tennis players in the world in a setting that involved a very hot sun and grueling matches make all those medals earned my high board divers and swimmers seem like a tea party in comparison.  I really think that how you have to earn your medal should make you medal count more.  It is like in high school, an A earned in a regular class does not have the same GPA value as a grade in an honors or Advanced Placement course.  It just can't.  It goes the same way when we consider medals.  There are simply some sports that require a level of endurance, skill, and practice that elevate the achievement to a higher level. I wonder if there is a way to measure this.  Food for thought.


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