For what do you use your cell phone camera?

 Or as we could incorrectly ask, "What do you use your cellphone for?" Preposition at the end is a mistake you know but it is so easy to say!

Anyway, are you like me? I use my phone to take pictures of friends, "Kodak" moments, and cute interesting things that I discover such as an 8 ounce bag of rice, so easy to carry up to a third floor apartment.  How about the 4 ounce bag of coffee? Umm that smells so good!

Or the quenepas or guinups that I got on the street for a dollar in a little rolled up paper bag folded down to look so full.  I actually got them from a young man that did not look very honest and I took a chance on him dropping my purse down on the other side of the car first before I lowered the window to hand him my two dollars.  He insisted I had to taste one,  right there and then.  What is up with these guys telling me to eat stuff on the spot?  Remember the corn on the cob a month ago.

In addition, I like to take pictures of babies doing silly things they don't even know they are doing. Look closely at the photo.    Then I like to take pictures of random things I need to remember and rather than waste good paper, I take a picture and then share it with the salesperson.  Or how about comparison shopping such as air conditioners?  A picture with a price and brand is at my fingertips.  Not that I included it, but I have also taken pictures of somethings I would like to have and can't afford but think I can make myself.  Dress designs, a motif, a painting... anything that catches my attention.

These wonderful cellphone cameras are so versatile.  They are not just for people pictures.  You only have to think outside the box a little.  So what do you use your camera for?

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