Flooding in Isla Verde

 Today there was flooding all around the island but since I am in Condominio Costa del Sol in Isla Verde that is what I can talk about.  Like my niece Michelle said, "Epic rain."  The parking lot in Costa del Sol became a lake.

I tried leaving the area since I had to return my rental car and only managed to go around the block and back.  I got on Tartak, made a right on Isla Verde Ave.,  and then made another right on the corner with Chiles.  Fortunately that road was not flooded, but as I looked up ahead the overpass leading out of the Avenida Los Gobernadores to the Baldoroity de Castro road heading to Carolina was backed up to no end.   There were stranded vehicles and drivers everywhere parked on the side of the road waiting it out, I guess.

To top it off, the traffic is horrendous. I overheard a story about a person stuck on the Baldoroity de Castro for three hours!  Then another neighbor told me a story about a bridge around Minillas and some lanes being under water.  Ocean Park was inundated as well.  Don't even think about getting coffee or a sandwich at Kasalta.  No way.  The whole road looks like a stagnant river.

About the car, well,  I think I will have to pay an extra day because the torrential rains and lightning are back.  Boom, there's another lightning!~

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