I am so pleased with my purchase of the Jack La Lanne juicer.  It is not loud and is easy to clean. I have already made two juices.  Yesterday, I was conservative and juiced an orange and an apple.  Delicious and energetic.  I could feel the energy rush to my head to my surprise.   So today I decided to add some green.  I juiced some broccoli, having never juiced a green, I wanted to make a juice I could drink.   To the broccoli,  I added an apple, a tangerine without the peel,  two strawberries, and some baby carrots.  I am going slow but I am going strong.  The juice tasted fine, actually sweet with the apple and tangerine as a base.

If I am going to all this trouble, I plan to go organic. Today I plan to buy some organic carrots to add to my drinks.  My reasoning is that I am doing this for health purposes, so why would I consume vegetables that are treated with pesticides? Hopefully the organics will be fresher as well.

What has been the result so far?  First it gave me an energy boost right away but I am also seeing less water retention, so I have positive expectations that I am only going to see excellent results as I juice every day. I am going to juice every morning because I believe having a juice in the morning will regulate my digestion the rest of the day.  I am already seeing some changes but will confirm them at the end of the week.

So I am all smiles and it looks like life is coming up roses! Oh, I mean veggies and fruits!


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