Under the Radar

Since the Japan earthquake on March 11, there has been an increase in seismic activity around the world. You can see increased activity in Alaska, California, Arkansas, and Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico, my Puerto Rico, which clear across the planet, is showing signs of increased activity. Uh oh!
Why isn't anybody reporting this? Clearly it has to do with our sources. La Red Sismica, or the Seismic Network in Puerto Rico only reports earthquakes that are above a certain level. I am never sure about their cutoff criteria, but if I am covering an area, and I have the information, I would want to let others know. Fortunately, if it is newsworthy the USGS does.

This past week, the Puerto Rico area has experienced more than ten small earthquakes ranging from 2.6 and above. Today alone, we have had four small ones. I am going to keep my eyes open!


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