Best time of the Year

65 degrees in the morning. Refreshing and energizing to go to work with my windows down and listening to the birds sing happily. Once at school to walk through the open courtyard with such beautiful weather is a delight. Then in the afternoon 81 degrees with a nice breeze going through my sunroof and endless blue sky. You just want to pull out a hammock and relax. So though I do not have a place yet to hang my hammock, I am going to make a nice ice tea and enjoy this perfect weather. You should, too!


Lil said…
Aaaaaahhhhhhh . . . sounds wonderful! "Coveting" your weather today -- it's cold and wet here this week, but spring is just around the corner! (We have seen the very tip tops of daffodils struggling to burst out of the ground, but not quite yet...)
(Especially agree with the beautiful sound of birds chirping in the early morning -- it's the best!)
Elba said…
Yes, but you can scrap the spring weather, summer arrived today with a whopping 91 degrees this afternoon, and you know how my air conditioning is broken in my car. Well I had to run and get some coolant because I just can't take the heat!

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