One More Thing for Which to Watch

Our weight
What we eat
Our steps
The stop sign
The speed limit
The dotted line
The clock
Our belt line
Our balance
Our posture
The scale
and again the money in our wallets...
It could be counterfeit!

I had no idea so much of it was in circulation. According to the an article on there is more than 1.4 million of it in circulation in Florida alone!! Oh no... so what can we do so we don't fall victim? Here's a link to US Secret Service and they have their tips. In the WESH article it says that it doesn't feel right. Get to know the real thing is what my first Pastor, Mr. Brenneman, would say. That is what the secret service would say. Know the real thing so you won't be fooled. If you accept a false bill you are the one stuck with it since there is no place to get a refund. So add that to your list, keep an eye open for counterfeit bills. May your wallet never hold any!


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