Paper Clutter

Apparently I am not alone. I have a problem with paper clutter and today I am going to do something about it. Well, at least start to attack it. I am tired of stacks of paper taking over important work areas so I decided to do something about it. To my surprise and relief there are ways to get a handle of this deluge of paper.

So I googled and here are some sources and ideas:

I came across an article on how to divide and conquer paper clutter into four general areas, sort, handle, and dispose. Separate the papers according to priority first.

Set up four folders:

Urgent attention: bills, medical situations, forms that require signature
Not immediate but needing action: setting up appointments, bills but not urgent
Forms and statements needing to be Filed: birth certificate, receipts, warranties, etc.
Recycle/Dispose Things not needed

To do this you first need to find a comfortable place to lay out or spread your clutter. For some people that will be the floor, but I can't sit on the floor too long, so I think I will go with the living room table. Frankly once I get started, I plan to gather all the letters and papers from the little neat and not so neat piles and place them in a basket and then start the process. Some people stop at that. I mean the basket stage and walk away. They have a temporary fix, the table or counter is cleared off, so they feel they are off the hook and stop. I know. I've done it, but not today.

I think I need to label the piles some how with one being to recycle (lets remove the guilt issue, right away) maybe a paper bag where the letters, magazines, and fliers can easily be dropped in. Perhaps a little box for coupons. You have heard, "everything in its place, and a place for each thing."

I would really like to hear from those people who are neat freaks and how they do it. How do you tame the paper dragon, that is? If you could leave just one or two pieces of advice, I would be very grateful.

I'll let you know how it goes.


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