Lot of Shaking Going On

Another earthquake in Puerto Rico in less than a month. That statement isn't totally accurate because there have been several minor earthquake, but two earthquakes in less than a month gets my attention. I was in Puerto Rico during the last earthquake but that one had its epicenter 60 miles under Aguas Buenas near the center of the island and measured 5.4. That one was felt by everybody it seems.

Today's earthquake was slightly weaker at 5.3 and had its epicenter slightly north of Puerto Rico, thus it wasn't as strong. Of course, as soon as I heard something had happened I called PR, and my sister told me she hadn't even felt it. She went on to tell me that her ex-husband was at Plaza Las America and he had felt it. I quickly went to Puerto Rico Seismic Network website and got all the information I needed. By the way, this website is bilingual and you can get this same information in Spanish.


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