Chinese Snacks

I teach an ESOL tutoring class after school twice a week and since we practically go directly from our last class with only a 3 to 5 minute break, we are all hungry. Well, I told my students that they could eat a small snack and guess what? One of my Chinese students brought snacks for everyone, but they were snacks I had never seen before in my life. It was the first nutritious junk food I had ever tasted. You know what it was? Crunchy green peas! They are really petit pois, as the French would say and they are delicious. They come in tiny little diminutive foil packages, which actually make you feel skinny, because you remember that most Asian people are thin except Sumo Wrestler, of course, and very rich ladies. Any way, I am not thin, but just thinking I could be satisfied with this tiny snack makes me hopeful. I tried them and I think I am hooked on them already!

The larger package, has soda crackers. Don't be fooled, they aren't just any soda crackers. If you enlarge the second picture you will see that these are seasoned soda crackers; they are seasoned with chives and carrots. Could you imagine my surprise when I pulled out the first cracker and it had bright dark green slivers of chive poking out of the cracker? Now I understand. The Chinese pack their snacks with flavor and believe me they are delicious!
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