Chilly Saturday hoping for a Warmer Sunday

Yesterday, in Central Florida we had the coldest day in February, with only a high of 51 degrees. Of course, that would be a spring holiday in New York, Michigan, or Canada but that is not the case in here. Since we are used to the seventies at this time of year, we find the 30's rather chilly to wake up to. I'm hoping that March will bring warmer weather.

So staying inside today till church time, I'm watching a PBS show with Joseph Rosendo, in a documentary on hiking around Alberta, Canada. I wonder if he was able to visit the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Brooks. When I caught the program, Mr. Rosendo was taking the viewer through Banff's Lake Louise and a short visit to St. Agnes Tea House just a short hike from the lake. The last time I was there was when I went to Canmore with my friend Rose B. from Brooks, Alberta and my two granddaughters and had no idea the Tea Room was there and with how I love tea. Maybe I will catch it next time I go up that way. Next the guide went up to Jasper National Park, with it's impressive glacier and a stop for coffee at a Laundromat. Then on Moulin Canyon with its refreshing waterfalls. Those Canadian Rockies are breathtaking, but watch out for those mountain goats!

I wonder if you caught the irony of my blog today, in that I was talking about the cold weather and the program I was watching had to do with Alberta, which I assure you is a chilly 50 degrees even in the summer there in Lake Louise. I was there two years ago in late April, and it was cold! and parts of the lake were still frozen over with snow piled in some areas. Then I think, better to see it from the TV today, than actually being there because it must be considerably colder in February.

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