Pretty Snow Freezing Cold





So we all were a bit amazed and perplexed with the Canadian Chill that came our way, but we were also sadden with just how cold it has gotten. Not because we can't take the heat but more because Florida is semi tropical and some of our palm trees, our miramelindas or impatiens just can't take it. Even what I thought were some hardy perenials are withering. In the pictures above you can see my Canary plant is all burnt back while the periwinkle seems just fine. Next to that you can see my neighbors plantains affected by the cold and drooping, not to mention the papaya leaves sadly flopping in the wind. The papayas themselves seem huddled together trying to stay warm. This is the third night out there in this weather and they are in for 25 degrees tonight for several hours. Brrrrr.
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