Am I the Only One?

The only one not wanting to let go of Christmas, that is? I took my tree down on Sunday, and it is still out on the curb waiting for the trash to come get it. When I walked past it, it still had a lot of green branches. Even a friend who visited, said, "Elba, your tree is still green!" I also had some branches that I had planned to use to make a Christmas wreath, and well because I had to go out of town never got around to disposing of. They aren't withered, so I cut some branches and renewed my greenery and plan to mix in some non Christmas things in them. Not quite decided what to put in there yet, but the greenery stays until the needles start falling off again. I didn't have the smell of pine long enough. My Christmas didn't seem joyful enough, though I went to three Christmas concerts. Recently I found myself wanting to listen to Chris Tomlin's Glory in the Highest album. For some reason the songs at the time of the concert didn't seem Christmasy enough, but now even after Christmas, they draw me into worship. Especially, Glory in the Highest, Light of the World, and My Soul Magnifies the Lord. Frankly I plan to have several on my MP3 regardless of them being on his "Christmas" album. I still don't know exactly what it has been, but I am having a hard time letting go of Christmas this year and you know what? I'm not going to fight it, instead I am going to enjoy it. I would say Merry Christmas, but how would that sound?


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