Palm Fronds or Pine Needles?




Funny thing about art; it is always open to interpretation. I thought I was painting some simple Palm Fronds and I shared them and lo and behold, they said no. They were seeing pine needles. What do you think?
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Anonymous said…
"They" are right. Wonder who "they" are, hmm. Definitivamente pine needles in close-up. Solo falta par de bolas rojas con escarcha para completar la foto de navidad. Las pencas de las palmas de puerto rico son mas largas y tienen una leve caida. My humble opinion, anyway.
Elba said…
Laughing! There were "several" theys so the theys have it. About the "pencas" from a distant are much smaller than in real life, but I must have had Christmas in my heart and that is what came out. Art is always a surprise, at least for me.

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