More Savannah...River Street

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Finally beyond the mall! We took I-16 east to Savannah and located the Visitor Center and since it was Sunday the parking was free. We loaded up on maps and directions, a cake sample, and information from a very nice lady, who happened to be from Miami and told us how to get a free shuttle around town. We decided against the shuttle because we were pressed for time, so I drove through town towards River Street. On the way we looked at as many tree lined streets and squares as possible until we reached a beautiful park which butted River Street and it's many shops and restaurants. Some locals told us that it's best to park there behind River Street than go down to River Street and not find parking. So we did. We put some quarters in the meter parking and we were on our way. On our walk we found Shanky's grill and you know what? The name might not say much, and in fact it looked like a typical Sports Bar, but it had the best Bisque I had enjoyed in a long time. Though I only had water and lemon, I say "Cheers" to them! And Cheers to lovely Savannah. I hope to be back soon.


Anonymous said…
nice pics :) svm

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