A Lazy Saturday Afternoon

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The good thing about driving is you can stop when you want and take your time. Well, my good friend Ari and I saw this beautiful field filled with trees, horses, and autumn colors beckoning us to stop. So we did. Before taking pictures of the horses though, an untouched dandelion caught my attention. It looked like a sparkler with its little stars. Then I moved on to the horses lazily moving along the pasture, and the trees in the distance. Who could resist. Later we kept going down the road and saw a neat roadside Market in York and got the best apples. You need to stop since they have at least eight different types of apples, including Fiji, Rome, Golden Delicious, and other which I can't remember. Fortunately they have some for sampling. You just have to be careful with the small hornets that hang around them. I ventured to sample a cameo apple, and like lightening that little hornet was on it, but I was able to zip away with my apple. Glad I did because I fell in love with those apples. I am down to 3 since I gave some away. I hate that, when I buy something that is hard to get. But oh well, there is next year. Cameo apples, check. The last picture by the way is in Chester SC almost on our way back to I 77 via state road 97. Did you see the price for Coca Cola? 5 cents. Boy have times changed!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos of your excursion to SC. Thank you for posting them for us to share! / Lil K.
Elba said…
Lil, you are so sweet. Thanks and God bless.

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