Lovely Savannah


You can almost imagine Scarlett and Rhett strolling down the oak tree lined streets. Or was it Rhett in a fancy carriage speeding away? Oh I got carried away and forgot it was fiction, but there must have been some real life man or woman that they were modeled after don't you think? Any way, the charm is still there and there is so much to do that really a couple of hours doesn't do this city honor, but this was all the time I had. One of the loveliest things this city can boast about is its dainty squares that are strategically placed across the city and each one is carefully tended with flowers, tall trees, and benches. You can see them in the pictures. Considering I have been up and down this sea coast in these past 30 years, always bypassing Savannah for Charleston, I realize it was about time I stopped!!
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