Finally, First Watch

First Watch has come to East Orlando! When I go to Northland a Church Distributed in Longwood, it has always been my routine to get a nice sandwich or omelet at First Watch, one of my favorite restaurants. It is a bit out of my way to say the least, seeing that I live in East Orlando near UCF. As I was doing some research on how to make their delicious Poppy Seed Dressing that I so much enjoy, I accidentally came across the fact that they have expanded to many other states. Not only are they in Florida, but also in Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Virginia, Kansas, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma! Oops, I left out Charleston, South Carolina, right there in the heart of the South. No wonder I was able to find the Poppy Seed recipe on line written by Rita Heikenfeld of Cincinnati.

Now I don't have to travel 30 miles to enjoy their cuisine. Yea! Let's hope the service and ambiance will be just as nice on University Avenue.


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