Leaving Charleston


Saying good bye to back porch friends, more like family is part of every visit. Getting treated to some snacks for the road is customary and always a ribbon to tie all these memories together as I make my way off of James Island taking
Maybank Highway through the Magnolia lined highway leading to River Road by going over the bridge and seeing all the beautiful boats crisscrossing on the river below. Then on to River Road seeing the old oak trees reaching to touch each other in tangled boughs next to shallow waters. Moisture in the air, six white pear trees (these have another name), funny mailboxes, a huge anchor, and the river peeking between the houses. This is how I go home on this familiar road leading out the quiet side of Charleston avoiding the busier side of town and the old Savannah highway. Today I will continue towards Ravenel and Jacksonboro, on to Beaufort and then I-95. Always wishing the visits were longer, and my friends were in Orlando or I in Charleston, knowing that life is too short, but how lucky I am to travel so much and so freely, and to be so loved. Thank you God for vacations, family, and friends that love us.
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