Last Chance Harvey

Refreshing and authentic. It felt like someone had heard my thoughts and portrayed some of the issues so many of us have lived through. Some of them being hurts of the heart when years have passed since a divorce, and how we sometimes bury our pain in work rather than facing head on that our children have kept growing, that we don't see them enough. That our lives were fractured and that we still love each other dearly. That we are still a family. That we need to grow and move on and move up.

Move up in being positive. That there is life after divorce. There is life after our children marry and we all need to seek that life. Not doing so is to die emotionally. So I loved the choice for joy, for happiness that all the characters made, knowing full well there are risks in loving again, in trusting again, in pursuing life again. It can be messy but we can try, because if you don't you will be alone. So bravo, for Last Chance Harvey, a well made sensitive movie about real issues in life.


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