It's Raining Cats and Dogs

Central Florida has been in a severe drought for the longest time, so we were thrilled when we saw the sea breezes colliding and bringing the long awaited rains. It actually took a couple of days for the humidity levels to rise enough for the rains to start. When they did, our skies became clean and breathable. Then the unexpected happened. Tropical humidity moved in and the rains have continued with record breaking rains. Last night in fact we had a tornado in Casselberry not more than 15 north of where I live.

Last week and the week before we had wildfires and now we have floods. People have been evacuated from their homes in Daytona and along the coast down towards Melbourne. On the news I saw people crying because they had lost all of their belongings. Others had their businesses damaged. The forecast calls for rains tonight and rain tomorrow. The St. Johns River will probably hit flood stage tomorrow. So this is wild and somewhat unexplainable. Lord, help us.


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