Fun Abstracts and one Temporal


Having fun with metallics and feeling the breeze rush through the palm fronds in Temporal, Temporal. Temporal means hurricane in Puerto Rico, and someone wrote an old famous song or plena to talk about the approaching "temporal" and lamenting what they would when it arrived. It is a song and a prayer. I survived Hugo in 1983, Charley, Jeannie, and Francis in 2004, and really would like no more!! But that is what I am painting about. Could it be our economy got me started?

The abstracts are a bit more fun.One looks like a Volkswagon bouncing through traffic and the other like a green bucket. I love to paint.

I didn't tell you, but a friend invited me to have a small exhibit at school during a hosted breakfast by one of our school's houses. I so enjoyed myself talking about art with some very nice people who came over to look at my paintings. You know I could get used to doing this.
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