Hurricane, Twisters, and Tornadoes

They give me the ibby chivies. I don't know where that phrase comes from but it's the truth. Since I went through four consecutive hurricanes, in 2004, I don't know that I like the idea of Tropical Storm Fay, coming this way. Really. One thing for sure, the tree that was right in front of my house will not fall on it this time. Why not? Simply because it fell on it the last time and it's stump is all that remains. I do have another tree but that one is a little further away right off the street. When I lived in Puerto Rico it was different; its like the story of the Three Little Pigs. A house made of hay, sticks, or bricks, you choose. But here in Florida, even the block houses aren't as strong as the concrete ones in P.R. There are no basements here either. Oh boy here I go again, getting anxious and that storm might turn away and not even hit us.

One thing I learned living here, is that each storm is different. Charley was announced as only having 50 mile per hour winds and then in reality, we had small twisters in the area, and 90 mile per hour winds. That was what I concluded since no one actually admitted it. But look what I found hidden in Wikipedia, something I had long suspected, and I quote,"Charley, the strongest hurricane to hit southwest Florida since Hurricane Donna in 1960, then continued to produce severe damage as it made landfall on the peninsula near Port Charlotte. The hurricane continued to the northeast and passed through East Orlando while still carrying winds gusting up to 106 mph (171 km/h). Damage in the state totaled to over $13 billion (2004 USD)." The day before the atmosphere got unstable, a dried up tree fell ahead of the hurricane itself. For Francis, I ran away to South Carolina, then Ivan thank God was more of a windy day event, and by the time Jeanne came, I was just plain exhausted and as a turn of fate Rosita and Kendall flew in from Michigan, to go to the theme parks, but instead for two days were holed up with me hearing the wind and the rain. God Bless them!

There is no use running away from these hurricanes sometimes either, because the dangers on the road are often worse than just staying home. I remember driving back from South Carolina, low on gas from St. Augustine to Orlando, and seeing tons of individuals driving intently at excessively high speeds with sloshing pink liquid in bright red containers dangling from pickups, RVs. Then the weather conditions aren't the best either because the storm isn't stagnant, but usually follows a path north, too.

To make matters worse some friends have moved. But you know what? God hasn't. God has never let me down. I know I am not alone, and it will be okay. Just like when the tree fell on my house; it hardly damaged it and instead it blocked the wind from opening my front door. Then my next door neighbor whom I hardly knew ( I had only been living here a month) called me immediately to find out if I was okay and the next morning got up earlier than me to clear off a path. I will be okay. En el nombre de Jesus.


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