After a while

It has been raining all day. This morning driving to work was quite treacherous and not really something I appreciated doing. There were people driving way over the speed limit with no consideration that we had blinding rain and wind. It was insane. Fortunately I chose to drive around 55 to 60 miles per hour on the slow lane, and those crazy drivers quickly passed me. This afternoon was even worse in that it was quite blustery and still raining. I couldn't wait to get home because how dangerous the roads were.

The rains not only have affected the roads, but the whole community. All the retention ponds were full and/or on the verge of overflowing and this was Southeast and East Orlando. When I see the news about the people in Brevard and the damage, it makes me sad. Yet someone commented today that they preferred the quickness of Charley to the stationary Fay. They are definitely two different animals in my opinion, but no I would not want Charley. I think it was much more destructive. While Fay has flooded areas and initially brought tornadoes, it also has given people time to get out of harms way. Many more people died with Charley than the one or two so far with Fay. So God please protect us and from any further damage.


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